Wizcon Supervisor 9.4

Enhanced security and traceability in mission critical processes

In today’s modern world – and more acutely since the events of September 11, 2001 – security is crucial in almost all human activities, whether in the production of food, beverages or pharmaceuticals, industry, manufacturing, water and power utilities, government and public buildings, etc. Processes must be safeguarded from acts of terrorism, sabotage, vandalism, misconduct, accidents, or simple human error.

Anywhere computers are used, system threats abound:

  • Internal threats: identity theft (e.g. use of others’ passwords), rights theft (e.g. execution of forbidden activities), etc
  • External threats: data theft (e.g. spying, sniffing, forgery), identity theft (e.g. password theft), etc

For security and protection, business owners, government officials and families rely on welldesigned systems and trusted methods to provide:

  • Traceability
  • Process safety
  • System integrity
  • Human health and safety
  • Homeland security

With Wizcon Supervisor 9.4, ELUTIONS introduces revolutionary new ways of handling person, asset and system security:

  • Strong authentication: providing secure login of Wizcon users, using LDAP, biometry and smartcards
  • Station access restriction: providing or denying access of certain Wizcon stations to certain named users or groups, and at certain times
  • Data protection: ensuring integrity of the Wizcon databases
  • Expanded Audit Trail